Friday, June 28, 2019

barbe à papa - imaginary project 11

                                                                     barbe à papa

In this video, there is a summer beach, a breeze, a boardwalk.
A man with a machine makes cotton floss,
dances spun sugar into shapes - a horse. a donkey, a dog.
He tosses bits of this cloud candy into the air. Children jump to snatch it.
The children are light-footed, joyous, carefully groomed, not rich.
 The man, after resting briefly, begins again, rhythmically stomping. The gathered crowd smiles and sways to the music. The lyrics are oddly pessimistic:

"They don't really care about us. They don't really care about us."

Imagine a video of candy floss, water, heat, stars, refugees, immigrants, rural poor, animals, plants, discarded toys, empty plastic pools. Imagine a slow burn, a flood, a deep freeze, wind-blown paper, old clothing, one shoe.
One shoe.

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