Friday, June 28, 2019

barbe à papa - imaginary project 11

                                                                     barbe à papa

In this video, there is a summer beach, a breeze, a boardwalk.
A man with a machine makes cotton floss,
dances spun sugar into shapes - a horse. a donkey, a dog.
He tosses bits of this cloud candy into the air. Children jump to snatch it.
The children are light-footed, joyous, carefully groomed, not rich.
 The man, after resting briefly, begins again, rhythmically stomping. The gathered crowd smiles and sways to the music. The lyrics are oddly pessimistic:

"They don't really care about us. They don't really care about us."

Imagine a video of candy floss, water, heat, stars, refugees, immigrants, rural poor, animals, plants, discarded toys, empty plastic pools. Imagine a slow burn, a flood, a deep freeze, wind-blown paper, old clothing, one shoe.
One shoe.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

record of passages (river) - imaginary project 10

birdsong long scroll (river)
ornithologists record songs as glyphs
serif strokes, echoing melodic smears
imagine washi rolls as words, erased and reworked,
as a
following passages of
or such as
a juvenile tree swallow(ed) whole
a tsubame
tsunami globally
even in Antarctica

Thursday, June 13, 2019

scrimshaw - imaginary project 9

imaginary project

comparisons between
seen made taken gifted
compilation of images of the longed for, beloved, sought after, desired
imagine lives and death, caught, released
reduction of
oil, fat, animal, men, time
extraction of
an eye tooth, an ache, an abscessed molar
polar tides
riding split ice into
owlish time 
now often
 keepsakes of strangers
imagine  teeth, tusk, baleen
inhabiting a short film
with an original score

Sunday, June 9, 2019

ta-ke-ya-bu ya-ke-ta (竹薮焼けた) - imaginary project 8

Ta-ke-ya-bu ya-ke-ta (竹薮焼けた) 

imaginary project eight

Kaibun, the palindromes of Japan, are weight, stress, time,
flags, or hata, that send sounds to earth from the sky, and back again.
Do you see how words sway and smoke?
 A bamboo forest is burning.

Wa-ta-shi ma-ke-ma-shi-ta-wa 
 I have lost.

reel dream - imaginary project 7

reel dream

imaginary project six

A group of Asian men are lying sprawled across a  foggy field. Are they soldiers? Some have long hair. Most are young. They are speaking Mandarin and I understand. I say in English, "How can I understand? I don't speak Chinese." One of the  men props himself up on his elbow and says in English, "Perhaps this is a movie."

Film fog, language, lost, found, recollected images. Use only two sentences, chosen carefully.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

new moon projections - imaginary project 6

new moon projections

imaginary project five

     It is important to understand storms. Low barometric pressure opens the mouths of fishes, rushing up to feed. When then the pressure rises, there is silence. 

      Row to shore. Go home. 

      Imagine rain projections in the rain. Again. Three-dimensional silence - no sound. Barometer up, barometer down?