Sunday, April 21, 2019

nets - imaginary project 4

the red net

i m a g i n a r y  m a r i n e  p r o j e c t

imaging death
 depths to the sea
ed nets become  
gray at ten feet 
attenuating levels to eleven twelve meters below
though the horizontal black rises back to blue
you wouldn't understand
how loud it is, or dark

clepsydra - imaginary project 3

c l e p s y d r a

i m a g i n a r y   p r o j e c t    t h r e e

Concrete could have been first used in Nabatean construction, 6500 BCE, in what is now the UAE. Deserts of spice and incense, heat, clear fresh water, sea edges, djinn with white camels carrying time. We encounter the niqab (pre-Islamic), the rip, the joint, the right to tent, to taste the water of springs. Buoyed time reveals the faces of the moon. Marked time describes women and children resting under cloth or plant. Clepsydra are essential. The clouds must hear us ask for shadows and rain.  

writing quiet - imaginary project 2

S i l e n c e

i m a g i n a r y   p r o j e c t   t w o

Look and read. This project needs sound around the words heard, but what do they mean? Guessing is a possibility, but often misleading. This is the quiet of the singular word unheard, unknown. Where are we? Lost perhaps, or still ignorant of, but never, no never, alone.  Distance isn't empty, nor is silence as vast as you imagined. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

nematode - imaginary project 1

n e m a t o d e
(n e u r a l   p a t h w a y s )

 i m a g i n a r y  p r o j e c t  o n e 

Create nematode conversant environments. Transplant Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Hb), Steinernema carpocapsae (Sc) and Steinernema feltiae(Sf). Monitor their songs for signs of birth, childhood, maturity, death. Translate their hunger, sorrow, joy into air, the diatonic scale.  Record and play above ancestral nematode realms, but do not overwhelm them. Expect nothing. Cherish what appears to be but likely isn't. Document through photos, texts, upon tear-stained pages. 

Don't hold back, or forth. Present pathways.

Leave without further molestation.